The first thing that comes to someones mind is salt and dog pads. Dog paws are protected by thick pads that are part of the skin tissue. They have similar properties to skin, but are thicker and therefore stronger. Nevertheless, they are affected by external factors (they can dry out, damage, wear out, …). In winter, the biggest problem is the salt they use to salt roads and sidewalks. You should protect the pads with Arava Paws Protector, which prevents drying out, damage and irritation. 

The other problem is the mud – it must have happened to you already – you come home and the dog is all muddy, so you don’t know if you would just take it in the shower or what would be the best thing to do. The ideal solution for those who do not have the option of washing their feet are Arava Pet Paws & Body Wipes. These allow you to remove dirt from the feet when coming from a walk and maintain cleanliness during individual baths. Wet wipes are also suitable for dog breeds with pronounced skin wrinkles, which are prone to fungal infections, as they have an antiseptic effect.

Dog and cat hair are subject to many harmful environmental influences in winter, such as dry air and large temperature and humidity changes, which are the second most common cause of many dermatological problems in our four-legged pets.

Without healthy skin, there will be no beautiful hair, as dry, itchy, irritated or damaged skin has a strong effect on the quality of the coat, and especially on the well-being of our dog. Therefore, regular and high-quality natural care that soothes irritated and dry skin and maintains the animal’s own fat protection is extremely important.

As the dog’s skin is often dry in winter, which can cause itching, the need for constant scratching and consequently a higher risk of infections, and the dog may also have excessive hair loss and dandruff, so be especially careful when choosing care products. The best are natural that do not further dry out and irritate the skin, but nourish it and regenerate the hair. An excellent choice is Arava Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner (for dogs) or Arava Regenerating Foam (for cats) as they meet all of the above criteria.