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Privacy Policy

General Terms and Conditions

Any and all content found at arava.si is property of Astravita d.o.o., Beethovnova 6, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia (hereinafter: Astravita d.o.o. or astra-vita.eu). By continuing to use Astra-vita.eu website, you accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page. Astravita d.o.o. and the user of its website will refer to these terms and conditions to regulate their mutual obligations in purchases from the online shop arava.si. These general terms and conditions are in line with the applicable Slovenian legislation. Astravita d.o.o. reserves the rights to change the General Terms and Conditions on the astra-vita.su and arava.si websites at any time and without previous notice. Any and all changes of the general terms and conditions are legally binding for the user.



Astravita d.o.o. does not assume responsibility for the possible consequences of the use of astra-vita.eu and arava.si websites and their content. Astravita d.o.o. reserves the right to change the websites’ content at any time without previous notice and does not assume responsibility for possible consequences of these changes. Astravita d.o.o. strives to present information that is as accurate and up to date as possible. However, Astravita d.o.o. does not exclude the possibility of errors on the webpages of Astravita d.o.o. in terms of prices, delivery dates, product description, etc. and does not assume or accept any liability for damages or any other liability. Buyers of goods purchased in the Astravita d.o.o. online shops have the right to complain and/or to return products. Photos of products are symbolic and may not represent the actual state (colours, materials, etc.). Purchase of products in the astra-vita.eu and arava.si online shops is intended solely for natural persons.

Personal data

Astravita d.o.o. collects the following personal data for business purposes: name and surname of natural person, address and place of residence, e-mail address, contact telephone number, password in encrypted form and other data that the user enter onto forms on astra-vita.eu and arava.si websites. Astravita d.o.o. is not responsible for the accuracy of data entered by the user. To ensure security and secure evidence IP addresses from which the user access the sites are also collected. At the start of the visit each individual user is assigned a session cookie to identify and monitor the shopping cart. Astravita d.o.o. can also store other cookies on the user’s computer, such as the user ID in the encrypted form (to identify the user at the next visit) and Google Analytics cookies (website visit analysis). Session cookies are stored in the server’s memory only for the duration of the visit and are deleted after one hour of inactivity. Permanent cookies are stored on the visitor’s computer for the period of two years, after which they become inactive.

Method of data processing

By using astra-vita.eu and arava.si websites the user agree with the applicable rules and general terms and conditions published on this site. Here the user can regularly monitor possible changes to the general terms and conditions and, consequently, the manner and purpose of processing of the collected personal data. As data manager, Astravita d.o.o. can use the said data only in anonymised summary form for statistical analyses purposes. Astravita d.o.o. will in no case surrender the obtained data to any unauthorised persons.

E-news subscription

The user can subscribe to receive e-news from Astravita d.o.o., the purpose of which is to inform them of any new products offered online and at other points of sale, of any marketing activities and of other special offers. The user will receive e-news until cancellation. By subscribing to Astravita d.o.o. e-news, the user are registered in the list of e-news recipients, which is at the same time also the database of beneficiaries of benefits Astravita d.o.o. provides for its users (loyalty discounts, monthly contests…). For the user to apply to e-news, Astravita d.o.o. collects the following data: e-mail address, IP, in case the user registers as registered member, their name, surname, address, telephone number and birth date are also collected.

After sending the form with the included e-mail address, the user receives a confirmation message at the specified address, which means that the user is subscribed to e-news until the cancellation of subscription. The user can at any time request from the data manager to permanently or temporarily stop using the user’s personal data for direct marketing purposes in writing or by clicking on the Logout button found in e-news. The request will be approved within 15 days from the date of its receipt, as prescribed by law. The user may also request data transmission or to be acquainted with the data concerned. As data manager, Astravita d.o.o. undertakes to carefully protect and safeguard the data in accordance with the legislation that governs the protection of personal data. Astravita d.o.o. e-news is provided via MailChimp online application.

Contest participation

The processing of data collected through participation in contests is governed by the rules of contests.

User registration

In online stores astra-vita.eu and arava.si, an individual can register as a registered user. The contents of online shops are also available to anonymous unregistered users (guests). Registered users provide the requested data in the registration process. Each registered user gets their username and password that are confidential. The user is obliged to ensure that he or she or a person specifically authorised by the user will exclusively manage his or her username and password. Each user is solely responsible for the content they enter on the pages of astra-vita.eu. The final buyer purchasing from the astra-vita.eu and arava.si online shops can only be the registered user or unregistered user (guest) who is buying goods for personal or non-profit purposes. Buyers purchasing from astra-vita.eu and arava.si online shops can only be natural persons.

In event that the user is registered, Astravita d.o.o. will use the entered data only for the purposes of processing the user’s order, preparation of more relevant offers and for the marketing analyses that will help improve the sales process, until the cancellation of the user’s registration. The data can also be used for remarketing. User registration facilitates the tracking of past purchases and shortens the purchase process. Astravita d.o.o. will keep the data until cancellation or de-registration in accordance with Slovenian legislation. The user can at any time cancel their registration in e-mail sent to info@atra-vita.eu or to info@arava.si or by clicking on the Cancel icon. In case that the user wishes to delete their user account, the e-mail should contain the following information: the subject should be specified as User account cancellation; the email should include user’s name and surname, address and e-mail address with which the user was registered. The mail should be sent from the address the user used to register as registered user.

Shopping as guest

In event that the customer performs an order as a guest, Astravita d.o.o. will use the entered data to process the order. As a taxable person, Astravita d.o.o. has to ensure in accordance with Article 866 of the Value Added Tax Act appropriate safekeeping of accounts relating to the supply of goods for at least ten years after the end of the year of the due date of the invoice, thereby also keeping the data included on the invoices.

Contact forms and the transmission of e-mails

The user can refer any specific questions to Astravita d.o.o. via contact form or e-mails addressed to addresses published on the website, thereby entrusting the operator of the website with the information in the forms or e-mails. This will be used to respond to the user’s questions. E-mails listed on the website are of business nature and are by no means personal addresses. Therefore, they do not refer to one physical person, which means that the data sent via these addresses can be handled by different persons in order to quickly and efficiently solve the user’s queries. By sending an e-mail via online form or to addresses listed on the website the users agree to the general terms and conditions of use of astra-vita.eu and arava.si websites.


User’s rights

The user can at any time request to be informed on the personal data processed by the website operator, to limit, delete, correct or to transfer the data. Any questions related to the protection of personal data on astra-vita.eu website can be addressed to info@astra-vita.eu or info@arava.si.

How data security is ensured

Information provided by the user via astra-via.eu and arava.si forms or otherwise (via e-mail, telephone, etc.) is confidential and treated in accordance with Slovenian legislation. Astravita d.o.o. will safeguard and prevent abuse of any and all types of personal information. Personal information will only be used for the purposes the user has provided their consent. Only persons authorised by astra-vita.eu and arava.si can have access to personal data (employees, contractual partners) and even then only after providing appropriate username and password. Each individual user is also responsible for safeguarding their personal information by ensuring the security of his or her username and password.

Astra-vita.eu and arava.si websites use SSL technology for the transmission of all personal data of individual users, which ensures that all information sent with orders is encrypted. Payment card information entered by the user, when this form of payment is being used, is transferred in coded form from the user’s computer directly to the authorising server of the bank. Information entrusted to the operator by the user is confidential. Astravita d.o.o. shall not provide it to unauthorised third parties. However, personal data may be transferred to trustworthy partners or in order to fulfil its statutory duty in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act. Data can be transmitted to:
– subsidiaries for the purposes of processing the buyers’ orders related to individual subsidiary;
– data processing companies and information services that ensure smooth operation of the websites and their improvements (server hosting, e-mail marketing, etc.);
– marketing agencies fort he purposes of remarketing (in encrypted form);
– companies that ensure smooth purchasing process (Paypal, delivery services, etc.), but only to the extent necessary to successfully fulfil the orders;

–authorised institutions, if so required by law (the court, etc.).

All partners who have access to personal data are obligated to handle them in accordance with the appropriate European legislation.


By using astra-vita.eu and arava.si websites the user agree to the general terms and conditions of use as published on this site. Here the user can regularly follow any possible changes to the general terms and conditions and, consequently, the manner and purpose of processing the collected personal data.

Links to social networks

By clicking on an icon of an individual social network (Facebook, Instagram) that can be found on the astra-vita.eu and arava.si websites, the user can easily access Astravita d.o.o. profiles on social networks and and publications of other profiles on social networks that include content relating to Astravita d.o.o.. Clicking on these icons allows a social network to provide the user with relevant information in short time according to the user’s online activity.

The buyer can send his or her objections, comments, requests and statements to: info@arava.si  

The manager of personal data is: Astravita d.o.o., Beethovnova 6, 1000 Ljubljana.