You can find on the internet hundreds of articles and countless warnings regarding the use of chemical pesticides.
Therefore we at Arava focused and invested great efforts that lasted more than 10 years on developing new and innovative Skin & Coat Intensive Bio-Care System based only on natural active ingredients and the Dead Sea minerals to protect the health and welfare of pets.

For decades people from around the world have come to a place like no other for its healing properties – the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea with its many special minerals layers draws thousands of people seeking the healing repairing and rebuilding power. Extreme skin, muscle and joint problems which couldn’t have been solved by conventional or alternative medicine are cured completely with the healing secrets of the Dead Sea. Hundreds of thousands of people arrive every year to the Dead Sea with the help and support of their national health services, in order to bring relief from their health problems.

Dead Sea cosmetics and healing products were known as far back as the days of King Solomon.
Today millions of people around the world know of the highest level of cosmetics treatment based on those same minerals from the lowest place on earth. We learned about the functions of  the essential oils in nature which are used for protecting the plant from fungi, bacteria and viruses, repel insects and pests, restoring the plant tissue from  injuries, attract pollinators, and  about the wonders of the creation healing with aromatherapy treatments in humans and pets including disinfection, inflammation treatments, killing, bacteria and fungi, therapy of cancer cells, extermination and expulsion of parasites, pain relief, stimulation and encouragement of different systems in the body, water retention, strengthening cell membranes, anticonvulsants, relieving muscle, contracted, balancing hormonal activity, and more.

We combined the wealth of nature – over 70 species of oils and extracts, mainly essential oils , with the unique Dead Sea Minerals that their contribution of improving performance, texture and appearance of the skin and their powerful influence on the hair health have been proved beyond any shadow of doubt, we avoided from the use of chemicals that are considered unsafe and we created a line of pets health care and beauty products for grooming care and prevention of the highest quality for the benefit  of life of our best friends.