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Glossary of natural ingredients

Glossary of natural ingredients in Arava line


Mentha Piperita
Removes parasites, especially mosquitoes carrying diseases such as malaria, dengue and West Nile fever.Local analgesic. Dissolves irritations and pains. Urges blood flow to the area under treatment.
Cinnamomum Zeylanicu
Antibacterial and antifungal. Treats allergies. Repels away harmful insect and flying.
Cymbopogon Citrate
Repels insects and parasites especially fleas. Antibacterial and antifungal.
Thymus Vulgari
Antibacterial and antifungal. Repels away harmful insect and flies.
Cedrus atlantic
Treats fungal and bacterial infections, eczema, itching skin, irritations and seborrhea.
Lemon eucalyptus
Eucalyptus Citriodor
Anti – viral, bacterial and fungal. Disinfects and anti-inflammatory. Repels insects.
Azadirachta Indica
Anti-bacterial, anti- eczema and anti- fungal. Rejects and exterminates insects and pests such as mites, nematode worm, Flea and Tick.well known as an effective disruptor of the insects shedding process, damage to the process of insects copulate, eggs laying and development of larvae as well as mortal blow insect female fertility.
Tea Tree
Melaleuca Alternifolia
Destroys a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Functions as an antiseptic, anesthetic and disinfects. Stops bleeding. Stimulates vaccine. Restrains and prevents the formation of inflammatory. Infection contradictory, Tissue defragmenter.
Borago Officinalis

Renews the cells, thus rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin, Features the most effective anti-inflammatory especially eczema and seborrhea.
Evening Primrose
Oenothera Biennis
Anti-inflammatory. Strengthens, nourishes and vitalizes the cells’ membrane.
Lavandula Angustifolia
Anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, disinfects, antifungal, Strengthens the cell membrane.
Buxus Chinesis
Provides moisture and nourishment to skin and coat. Protects the skin from the damages of cumulative environment and radiation. Prevents growth of many kinds of bacteria . Very effective in calming skin irritations, Nourishes and makes the hair vital and shiny.
Juniperus Communis
Antiseptic, disinfectant , anti-inflammatory function. Heals open wounds. Prevents flies irritations.
Argania Spinosa
Treats various skin pimples including skin bulges as a result of bites. Prevents skin dehydration. Act as an excellent hair conditioner.
Sea Buckthorn
Hippophae Rhamnoides
Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Treats skin pains and damages. Assists the regeneration of tissue. Nourishing, revitalizing, and restorative .
Caleccalendula Officinalisndula
Antiseptic, disinfectant , anti-inflammatory , antibacterial, Accelerates skin healing. Treats bites, sting and various skin wounds.
Avena Sativa
Protects the internal tissues. Aids on healing external wounds, scratches and cuts. Sooths and sedative itch.
Syrian Oregano
Origanum Syriacum
Disinfectant , anti-inflammatory , antibacterial, and anti eczema. Treats all types of fungal. Helps stimulating and improves local blood flow.
Macadamia Tetraphylla
Moisturizes and nourishes dry and blemished skin and coat, grants vitality, shine and body; essential to prevent oxidation of cells and stopping their wear process.
Sweet Almond
Amygdalus Communis
Provides nourish and moister to skin and hair well absorbed in the skin, balance of the skin glands secretion fat, hypoallergenic.
Cocos nucifera
Most excellent for the hair-nourishment, oiling, treatment of split ends, sun protection, moisturizing, shine, and cleaning debris. Nourish the skin and leave it soft, gentle and flexible.
Obe Palm
Elaeis Guineensis
Effective in strengthening cell membranes and renewal of tissues. Treats the slow developing tumors. Helps to restore tired , damaged, cracked and neglected skin.
Linum Usitatissimum
Provides significant contribution to skin and hair health. strengthens nails and soothes skin infections.
Styrax Benzoin
Antiseptic. Treats skin scars. A natural stabilizator and preservator.
Punica Granatum
Contributes to the flexibility and strength of the epidermis. Improves blood flow and prevents oxidation of cells. Strengthens cell membranes and protects the skin from the damages of cumulative environment;Treats scars.
Wheat Germ
Triticum Vulgare
Maintains moisture. Nourishes dry and blemished skin and coat. Contributes to the rebuilding of new skin cells. Protects the skin against free radicals and sun damage. Treats gentle, irritated and cracked skin, dermatitis, psoriasis. Improves blood circulation.
Bitter Orange
Citrus Aurantium Var Amara
Gentle antiseptic, anti -virus, anti- fungus. Effectively keeping away insects and mosquitoes.
Citrus Limonum
Effectively destroys all types of bacteria.
Ocimum basilicum
Antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal.
Red Clover
Effective treatment of atopic skin infections. Drain toxin accumulations. Act as Conditioner and moisturizer.
Arctium Lappa
Antiviral, antibacterial, Antifungal. Treats dry skin and coat.
Achillea Millefolium
Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant Antiviral.
Malva Sylvestris
Anti-inflammatory.Soothes skin, Treats various skin infections and insect bites. Strengthens hair roots.
Polypodium Falcatum
Accelerates tissue regeneration, moisturize, effectively treats allergic symptoms and inflammation of connective tissue.
Foeniculum Vulgare
Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
Urtica dioica
Most effective in treating eczema, atopic skin infections and inflammation of connective tissue.
Aloe vera
Aloe Barbadensis
The most effective treatment for wounds and insect bites, infections, parasites, ringworm, scabies, allergies, eczema, seborrhea and oxidation.
Rosmarinus Officinalis
Antiseptic, antitoxins and antifungal. Treats skin infections and helps heal wounds.Stops bleeding.Regulates fatty secretions.
Curcuma Longa
Anti-inflammatory. Effectively treats wounds and eczema. Prevents free radicals damages.
Commiphora Molmol
Antiseptic. Anti-inflammatory. Bacteria killer. Encourages activity of white blood cells.
Salvia Officinalis
Antiseptic. Anti-inflammatory. Treats wounds and dandruff.
Boswellia Serrata
Powerfully anti-inflammatory and antifungal.
Mentha Spicata
Antibacterial. Helps relieve pain Accelerates blood flow to the affected area.
Pogostemon Patchouli
Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.Sooths skin, accelerating wound healing and treat skin allergies.
Encourages white blood cells activity.
Ylang Ylang
Cananga Odorata
Antiseptic. Restrains Sebum secretion. Accelerates hair growth . Treats eczema, seborrhea, itching skin and irritations.
Zingiber Officinale
Anti-inflammatory. Fights against bacteria and blocks toxins.
Anti bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and effective antioxidants .Slows skin aging.
Vitellaria paradoxa
Encourages the growth and renewal of skin cells. Contributs to skin and hair flexibility. Protects against solar radiation. Antiseptic. Assists in healing and recovery. Acts as moisture .
Aleurites moluccana
Revives cells, treats psoriasis and various skin diseases and burns.
Vitis Vinifera
Strengthening and maintaining moisture of cells. Treats dry and blemished hair.
Ricinus communis
Encourages growth and renewal of hair growth and restoration of hair damaged.
Sol Mrtvega morja

Special healing qualities which are extremely beneficial to both skin and hair; an important contribution to the skin’s natural moisturizing factor.

Blato Mrtvega morja

Helps to detoxify the skin and to relieve rheumatic and arthritis pain. Therapeutic and calming, relieves skin itching and dryness, stimulates, cleans and invigorates the skin, leaving it with a refreshing glow.

Wild Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum Coronarium
Soothing, antiseptic, antibiotic, insecticide
Nepeta cataria
Anesthetic , lowers fever, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, insecticide.
Eastern Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana
Antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, sedative and fungicidal qualities,insecticide
Pinus sylvestris
Antiseptic, anti bacterial , anti- virus , insect repellent
Ganoderma lucidum
Antitumor, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiallergic, adaptogen, tonic, anti-microbial and antioxidant.
Lentinula edodes
Antitumor, antiviral, antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory
Grifola frondosa
Antitumor, immunostimulant, adaptogen, tonic and antiviral.
Fucus Vesiculosus
Immunostimulant, antitumor, adaptogen and tonic,
Ruta graveolens
Kills parasites
Laurus nobilis
Kills parasites
Euphrasia officinalis
Reduces inflammation in the eye caused by blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelash follicles) and conjunctivitis (inflammation or infection of the membrane lining the eyelids)
Lion’s Tooth
Euphrasia officinalis
Protection from acids, and various pollutants. Regulates the provision of mucosal
Helichrysum italicum
Re-cells, re-neural tissue, restorative tissue, stops bleeding, treat scars, encouraging blood flow and subsequent supply of oxygen to tissues, scattering bruising, powerful and flexible blood vessels, anti-trauma, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-infectives, anti-bacterial , anti-virus, anti-fungus
Persia dryminfolia
Antibiotic, heals wounds, nourishes and protects the skin and fur
Assistance in maintaining the blood vessels from leakage and from expiration, increasing the power of vitamin C, protecting the cells from oxidation, control the intensity of infection, antibiotic and anti-viral
Cinnamomum camphora
Inflammatory diseases of connective tissue and tendons, problems of Joints, skeletal and muscle, sprains and pains..