Some dogs are very sensitive to salt, as it salt can irritate the skin and cause itching. Therefore, they should be washed with fresh water after each bathing and occasionally shampooed. Arava Dead Sea Pet shampoos are completely natural and do not damage the oily layer of the epidermis, so they are suitable for frequent use.


Because summer days are usually very ​​hot, we should only walk the dog early in the morning and late in the evening. In the meantime, only short walks are suitable, so much  that the dog fulfills his needs.

Due to the hot asphalt, which is almost unavoidable in the summer, dog paws suffer a lot. We can help them with Paws Bio Protector ointment, which effectively protects and nourishes the feet. The ointment absorbs quickly and therefore does not leave greasy traces.

Wounds, cuts:

The holiday pharmacy should contain saline solution with which we will wash the wound and binding material, such as sterile gauze and self-adhesive bandages. To treat bumps, cuts and other superficial wounds, bring a wound disinfectant that does not contain alcohol. Arava`a Blood Stopper is also suitable for stopping bleeding and healing minor wounds.


Don’t forget to take tweezers to remove ticks with you too, because you never know where these parasites are hiding.


Dogs love to swim and of course they also drink some sea water. Diarrhea may occur as a result. Therefore, probiotics and products that bind harmful substances that cause diarrhea in the digestive tract should also get their place in the travel pharmacy.


Also, don’t forget your dog’s passport, food, scrap bags, a water toy, and cooling pillows or coats. Your dog will be grateful to you. 🙂

In addition, always find out before the trip where the nearest veterinary clinic is, so that you have contact at hand in case something happens to your four-legged friend.