Taking care for  by your four-legged friend. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of ear infections in the dog. You need to consider if you have the ears of dogs something special structure. Due to special anatomical ears, foreign bodies are very difficult to expel on their own. This includes, for example, water that can accumulate in your dog’s ear, which often leads to unpleasant itching and, in extreme cases, even inflammation. So take your time and make sure your dog’s ears are always clean and dry.

When choosing a dog ear cleaner, it is important to choose a quality and natural product that will not further irritate the dog’s ear.

How to start cleaning the ears?

Pour the cleaner, which should be at room temperature, into the dog’s ear, holding it up, and gently massage the base of the ear to soften and release the accumulated dirt. Wipe off excess cleaner from the ear and let the dog shake his head to remove any remaining cleaner and dirt from his ears.

If the ear is red, itchy and painful, inflammation is most likely present. In this case, visit a veterinarian who will assess the condition of the ear and prescribe the appropriate cleaning and treatment procedure, as not all ear cleaners are suitable in the event of damage to the eardrum.

Although the dog may need to be distracted at first, dogs generally have no problem cleaning their ears. Once they get used to this task, they usually start to enjoy it very much – especially during work, when you massage the ear or the area around the ear. This is an area that is densely dotted with nerve endings, and during this type of massage, endorphins, hormones of pleasure, are even supposed to be released. One more reason, so don’t forget that your furry friend also needs regular ear cleaning.