They have similar properties as skin, but are cornified and therefore stronger. Nevertheless, they are exposed to external factors – they can dry out, be damaged, wear out, … That is why you should protect pads with Arava Paws Bio Protector ointment, which prevents dryness and damage. 

In Autumn, moisture often causes problems for dogs and their owners. The spaces between the pads are covered with hair and therefore difficult to dry completely after walk. Constant humidity causes fungi to overgrow, causing painful inflammation. This looks like reddened skin, itching and pain that the dog wants to alleviate by constant licking. A visit to a veterinarian is necessary to determine the correct course of treatment.

Another problem is the mud – it must have happened to you – you come home and the dog is all muddy, so you don’t know if you would just take it in the shower or what would be the best thing to do. The ideal solution for those who do not have the option of washing their paws are Arava cleaning wipes for paws and body care. These allow you to remove dirt from body and paws when coming from a walk and maintain cleanliness during individual baths. Wet wipes are also suitable for dog breeds with pronounced skin wrinkles, which are prone to fungal infections, as they have an antiseptic effect.


In Autumn, most walks take place on wet grass, as fog accompanies us long into the day. The fur of dogs and cats is thus wet most of the time. In this case, Arava’s odor elimination shampoo (for dogs) and foam (for cats) come to our aid to remove unpleasant odor.


Dogs that are prone to skin problems can get various eczema, hot spots, … Arava has a solution for this too – an aromatherapy shampoo for sensitive and irritated skin, which contains vegetable oils that have extremely strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it is also suitable as a first aid in cleaning minor abrasions and scratches.