More intense fur changes are usually observed in Spring and Autumn. In recent years, however, the seasons no longer have those typical passages, and most dogs also live inside, so their hair falls out throughout the year. Therefore, the question often arises, how to shorten the period of seasonal fur change or how to at least slightly alleviate this fur loss throughout the year?

Fur loss and change in dogs is usually a natural physiological phenomenon that is more intense in Spring and Autumn. The main reasons for this are the length of the day and the temperature. The period of brightness and intensity of light affects hormones and they cause accelerated events in the skin. In the Spring, dogs lose their thick winter fur. Summer fur is shorter and has almost no undercoat. In Autumn, the opposite happens – summer hair falls out and is replaced by thicker winter hair. The whole process of fur change takes somewhere between 4 to 8 weeks.

The constant loss and growth of new fur poses a certain strain on the dog, so regular brushing is important to remove dead fur. It is also advisable to use shampoos and conditioners, which are meant to support the phase of fur change.

Arava zeliščni negovalni šampon

Arava Herbal Grooming Shampoo is enriched with carefully selected botanical oils and extracts for healthy skin and hair that preserve the natural protective oils of the fur. After use, the fur is shiny, moisturized and smells very pleasant.

Arava zeliščni balzam proti izpadanju pasje dlake

Arava Less Shedding Herbal Conditioner was developed with the aim of reducing fur loss. Natural nourishing active ingredients prevent excessive fur loss and at the same time improves its structure and manageability.


Thanks to them, the amount of hair in our home is reduced at least a little, which is warmly welcomed by the human part of the family, and the vacuum cleaner is also happy, because he can finally take some rest. 🙂