Everyone would like to ease this heat for our four-legged friends, so many take them for a swim in the sea / river / lake. Dogs are more than happy to bathe, but soon they may get an ear infection. Therefore, you need to wipe the earlobe well after each swim. Arava aromatherapy ear care cleaning fluid can also be used preventively, as it offers help in the treatment of acute and chronic inflammations. It can also be used for routine cleaning of the ears of cats and dogs of all ages. It removes dirt and dead tissue while cleaning, drying and not irritating. Suitable for cleaning too moist, waxy and smelly ears. In dogs with very hairy inner ears, it is advisable to cut the hair as much as possible, and to dry the ear canal – you can use Arava powder for dog and cat ears, which dries, soothes itching, eliminates unpleasant odors and prevents bacterial infections of the ears and helps remove excess hair in the ears.

Sea salt left on a dog’s fur can be very irritating to some dogs. Dogs that are particularly sensitive should be bathed in fresh water after each swim in the sea. Those less sensitive, however, only at the end of the holiday. Arava aromatherapy shampoo for sensitive and irritated skin works very well, and it`s unique formula of extremely strong antibacterial and antifungal vegetable oils has a therapeutic effect on the dog’s skin. The shampoo is therefore especially suitable for dogs with dermatological problems, helps with eczema or “hot spots” and offers first aid in cleaning scratches and minor wounds.

Heated asphalt and concrete also cause problems for dogs in the summer, causing painful injuries or even severe burns. Therefore, you should avoid walking on asphalt, walking in the hottest hours, and protect paws with Arava protective and nourishing ointment, which is completely natural and protects the pads from external factors, nourishes already damaged pads and helps to restore them. Tip – the product is packed in such convenient packaging that most of the feet can be pressed into it and you do not need to lubricate each pad separately. 🙂


In the summer, when it is hot, most dogs prefer to lie on cold tiles, concrete, … which can lead to the appearance of fingerprints on their elbows or hind legs. No big deal – even for this, you can use Arava’s ointment, which absorbs very quickly and does not leave greasy stains on the floor.

We can also encounter some scratches, minor wounds, broken claws, … In this case, it is good to have Arava’s powder with you in the dog trip to stop the bleeding. Apply a small amount of powder to your fingers (or sprinkle on the wound) and then on the incision and cover it completely.