Grooming your dog in winter

Few things feel better than looking through the window into an icy evening while cosied up next to your happy furry friend in front of a roaring fireplace. So much so that we forget our dog’s coat can have similar problems in winter as we have with our hair – central heating and dry air do not spare either one. Besides allergies and parasites, which can cause various skin infections, other environmental factors such as dry air and considerable changes in temperature and humidity, can lead to many dermatological issues for our dogs.

Healthy skin – beauiful coat

Usually a healthy and shiny coat is the first thing we notice and admire in dogs. However, it is skin health that is paramount for dogs. When the skin is not healthy, the coat cannot look beautiful – dry, irritated and itchy skin greatly affects the coat’s quality, as well as the dog’s wellbeing. Regular grooming with good natural products that will calm irritated and dry skin is highly important to maintain the dog’s protective natural oils.

Choosing pet-care cosmetics

In winter, dogs can often have dry skin, consequently they itch and feel a constant need to scratch, which increases the risk of infection. Additionally, dogs can also suffer from hair loss and dandruff. Therefore we need to be especially careful when choosing grooming products during this period. It is best to choose good, natural products that will not dry and irritate the skin but nourish it and regenerate the hair. Although we should not bathe our dogs too often, they, just as any other family member, need regular care, which should take into account the dog’s age, breed, and not least its lifestyle that goes hand in hand with that of the dog’s carer. When buying shampoo, we should carefully check the ingredients and opt for natural shampoos that are especially intended for dogs with dermatological issues. Natural pet-care cosmetics will remove dirt and take care of our dog’s skin and hair just as efficiently as any other more aggressive cosmetic product. At the same time it will be much kinder on our dogs as it contains beneficial active ingredients from plants, which protect from inflammation and boost the animal’s health and wellbeing. Natural pet-care products are therefore appropriate for more frequent baths.

When we bathe our dog, it is recommended that we use a revitalising conditioner after the first wash with the shampoo. Not only will it be easier to brush the dog afterwards, it will also regenerate and improve hair structure, prevent excessive hair loss, and deeply nourish and care for the dog’s coat. After the bath, which is best done in a calm, friendly atmosphere because many dogs find bathing very unpleasant, we should dry the dog well with a towel.